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Lingering Day

I Woke at 655am for work. Got ready fed and walked the dogs, gave Candice her medicine. I ate breakfast. Then I left the house at 745am. I got to work at 755. The day was pretty boring & didn't have a lot to do so I did some CEU's online in between what paperwork my wanted me to do. I went and got us lunch at Wendy's & McDonald's. I stopped by Warehouse & got money back so I can pay for my hair get dyed Saturday & to pick up my 1 year bible tomorrow at church. Got off work at 400 came home cooked supper, payed bills online, walked the dogs. I played on Facebook for a few minutes. I sat & watched TV with Candice & the dogs & read my book. Took our medicine & I to sleep around 10:00 cause I have to work tomorrow.

Lazy Sick day

Got up at 9:00am ate breakfast. Cleaned up some of the house. Sit around most of the day and read books & watched TV with Candice which is sick also. We have allergies/sinus issues:cough,sore throat,nasal congestion.
I have been talking on POF to Abel Ortega again. I am so happy he got back in touch with me. Hes such a sweetheart.He said he was sorry for everything and would do anything to get me back so I guess I'm back with him.Went to be around 11:30pm.

Job inquiry

I went to Victoria Manor yesterday & put in application & got interview that day & was sent today for a drug screen at Labcorp & a physical at Dr.Powers office at Urgent Care.I passed the physical & so now waiting on the drug screen results to come back which will be good & then she will call me to start training. YAH!!!At least I will start having some money to pay bills again & not be without. I hope I can still get that trailor from Lonnie if he can wait a few weeks on me that is till i can get a good check in. Sitting here with Candice & Bailey watching tv & playing online or reading.

Busy work day

Got up early for work and worked 8-4 it was looong day as always. I gotta pick up Candice after work and run to Brian's to pick up moms computer Joey fixed. Then go home take shower eat and watch wee smack down n get ready for another long work day tomorrow.i went to bed last night at 830 I was so exhausted.

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Bought the 170.00car part speed sensor this morning hopefully this will finish fixing car probs. Dad is putting it on this evening. I'm sitting here with Candice she's sick with virus throwing up n hurting all over. Now all I gotta worry bout is getting that hotel next fri on payday. I didn't sleep well last night bed sux so got onto couch so didn't get much sleep.

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Mondays doings

Got up at before 6:00 laying in bed hurting with tight spasming muscles in my right shoulder/shoulder blade & neck up into the back of my head which caused me a bad migraine.I iced it it didnt help & took meds but it took awhile for it to work. I got up & went to see candice at moms. Got there at 8:30 or so. We sat on couch watched tv & read books. The internet guy came there at 3:00 to fix the internet router. I left there at 5:30 & dropped off my application for a new laptop at Aarons & they set back the laptop so no one else would buy it . I have to go pay for it Friday evening. I cant wait I NEED a new one that acctually works these days. My 2 pcs are lousy right now. GOt home took a shower & watched tv, played online , watched WWE & read my book. Went to bed at 10:00.I have to work tomorrow.I cant believe its gonna be Christmas in 5 days. WOW!!!

Relaxing day

Got up at 7:00 and got a shower got things ready to go to moms to see Candice.Left the house at 8:30 got there at 9:00. Relaxed with Candice & at 1:30 we met 3 family members (Jewels kid & his kids) we have never met before. His name was Brett & his kids Darby (14yrs) & Madison (10 yrs). They were very sweet. Madison had 2 red streaks in her hair like Candice is going to get in hers on the 28th.Mom made a big meal that we all ate.Then after they left me & candice watched TV & i read my vampire diaries book. Left there at 5:30 came home & relaxed watched TV & played online.

Saturday events

I worked 8-4 then got off went to see Candice at moms.Stayed till around 530 or 6 came home & cleaned house, cooked a turkey & played online. Went to bed at 11:30.

Friday Night events

I worked 8-4 and then got off work picked up candice & took her to gamestop to see Chase her crush (so she could gawk at him),went to Aarons to look at laptops & then drop her off at the movie theater to see Alvin & Chipmunks Shipwrecked.I picked her back up at 8:20 ran her back to moms house dropped her off & I went home took a shower got things ready for Sunday.Went to bed around 9:30-10:00.


I got up at 7.I had to stay at moms last night to stay with Candice because she had to go to ER for what she thought was a heart attack but it was dehydration.We left hospital at 11:50 & got into bed after 1215am.
I came home about 815am & got a few things from storage, got gas & Hardees came home & played online for a bit then layed down for 3 hrs for a nap I was exhausted.
Got up & watched TV & played online along with reading.Its boring otherwise.