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Ann Bentley-Knicely

Ann Bentley
22 June 1978
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I'm 5'0,short blonde straight hair,blue eyes,im thick,2 tatoos,ears peirced (3 each ear),belly ring & nose ring.Im 33 & have a daughter who's 17. Im a nurse(LPN)private duty nursing for a 3 yr old in his home.I love what I do its my passion.Im a hard working,caring,loyal,honest,trusting girl.I dont party,drink,smoke or drugs.I focus on my daughter,my job.I have 2 dogs=1 pitbull Kane & bulldog/pitbull Brie & my daughter has a 2 small terriors Lucky & Bailey.I dont like girls that try to take your man or try to or cause you problems in your relationships.I dont like liars,cheats,users,abusers,stealers,snobs or whores(go get your own man).I dont like to be treated as a friend but Im really not one.I dont trust people hardly at all,you have to earn trust with me & even then its very thin.I have a few select GOOD best friends the others are just friends.I love dolphins,bulldogs,WWE wrestling,reading,swimming,tennis,movies,parks,tv,amusement parks,play online,romantic things.I want to swim with a dolphin one day especially before I die & along side my daughter if I can who wants to also.I love reading the Twilight Saga Series,Vampire Diaries,Dear John,Last Song,Charlie St Cloud,true crime books,fiction,Percy jackson series,vampire books,James Patterson books.