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Good Wednesday

I had a pretty good day at work it wasnt bad really. I did the test for the Healthworks at HH and i made a 67 which if you make below an 80 your at high risk and get 10.00 off per month for Health & Wellness Center to exercise or exercise in the heated pool, yoga, aerobics and etc.. Me & Crystal are talking about going over there & doing it together. I get home & finish the dishes that Shaun started on, cleaned the kitchen up, started cooking some supper for me & Summer. I heated up the grease for awhile then started to put some fries in it & the grease had gotten so hot that when I put them into the pan the grease started popping, flowing over the pan & it ignited and a huge fire flame shot up almost to the ceiling so I turned the eye off really quickly and the flame died. I was left with a big mess to clean up, then i dumped over some of the tea that was on the stove. I almost dumped my cup of coke over. It has been a horrible evening. But I did get some cleaning done & now Im sitting down to read or play games on the computer to relax. Shaun got home at 9:00.

Long Hard Day

I went to work & the morning was kinda slow but then after lunch it was just me because James had a dentist appt & we were slammed. I didnt get everyone back till 4:10 and then got on my messages which kept me there till 510. Thank God that day was over with. I get home with a small headache unlike yesterday which was a HUGE migraine that made me cry. I watched Biggest Loser from 8-10 which made me cry because of seeing their stories of why the became fat & so sympathize with most of them and its some of the same things I am going through or went through. I have to really put my mind to losing weight, stick with it & do it. I have to defeat all the stresses and fears that make me this way. I have to face them head on. I went to bed at 1100 with Shaun.

Useful day

Today I came back to Huntsville about 1230 and went through the rest of the stuff to get things for a yard sale & cleaned up the rooms I was in. After I got done with all that I played on computer and watched tv (worlds strictest parents) and taylor swift premier on CMT. I played with Brie. I made Summer watch Worlds Strictest Parents till 11:30.

Its Thursday

Got up at 6:10am and got ready for work.Left to come to work about 730am.It was again a pretty boring day since Dr T was out.He will be back tomorrow though.UGH I dont want him back tomorrow I dont want to do injections tomorrow. UGH!!!
I am going to have some more homemade chili for lunchtime.

Boring day

I went to work at 730am.We had a pretty boring day since Dr T was still out. We laughed,talked,played online & worked some. I got off at 5pm. Shaun came to pick me up & got home watched tv,played online, redone my new mp3 player putting songs on it,talking to Candice online and talking to Shaun. He made me supper- salisbury steak,corn dogs & french fries. We went to bed around 10:30pm. I called Candice to tell her good night.We snuggled up and went to bed.

Work day

I got up at 600am.I went to work at 730am.We didnt do much today it was pretty boring since Dr T and Dr B was out. We played on the computer alot to keep busy.lol. I got off work at 500pm. Shaun picked me up and we came home and I helped him put up the new ceiling fan. We watched tv & ECW. I talked to Candice online & playing online for awhile. I finally went to bed around 10:00 or so.We snuggled up and went to sleep.

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